In a survey among Fortune500 companies they revealed that they are willing to spend up to 10 million dollars even if it increases productivity by just 1%. Browser has taken over a lot of things during the last 2 decades. From traditional printed resumes and application, we moved onto pdf, docs, and web based applications. However, the interviews are still stuck at version 1.0. They are still happening face to face. 1Click is the best way to upgrade your interview procedures. By enabling video calling and video recording capability directly on the website, any company can almost ask a certain fixed set of questions for which a video response is recorded along with application and furthermore, even conduct the four interview rounds on the website itself once the candidates impress you via the application

You as a business, can completely relate to the above statements. But the long standing question is, HOW? Hiring is a highly collaborative exercise which includes a series of steps. In the following scenarios Jo is the candidate and Mark is the HR. We are taking from one of our existing client and how they have successfully reduced their hiring cycle from 13 days to 5 days

FlowChart-Typical Hiring Process

Let us first look at how a typical hiring workflow works

Hiring Workflow made easy with 1Click

Let us now look at how a hiring workflow would look with the help of 1Click.

Upgrade Your Hiring Procedures With 1Click

In both the scenarios Jo gets the job! But at what cost? The amount of time, energy and effort put in in the first scenario is way more than that in the second. The time has drastically reduced. Based on the data we have from our current clients, integrating 1Click into hiring procedures reduces the average hiring time by about 50% and saves 75% in monetary terms. Also because 1Click is browser based and completely independent of OS the hassle of installing software and looking for a proper computer with relevant OS is eliminated both on HR end and jobseeker end.

We Are Pioneering a Phenomenon

The phenomenon of video interviews taking over the traditional stuff has already started but the speed is a bit slow because of several factors like existing services being completely dependent on software and OS. Our product, 1Click will catalyze the whole process by eliminating all those needs. More on our features and Pricing.

Empower Your Hiring Team

Give your recruitment team the edge of video calling with 1Click! 1Click is a feature rich, pluggable video infrastructure company. 1Click video calls work directly in the browser! Being in a video call is as simple as one click, with no downloads and no plugins. We at 1Click, embed face to face conversations in your business workflows. 1Click’s feature rich video calls comprise of recording, analytics, broadcasting, group calling and many more.

1Click.io is pluggable video infrastructure and browser based video call solution for business. 1click humanizes video business interactions and coverts your browser into a new conference room.