You can look at any successful business. You can ask any successful entrepreneur. You can ask Apple’s Steve Jobs or Facebook’s brainchild Mark Zuckerberg. And they are all going to say the same thing, that the customer is King. To keep a customer satisfied, businesses should maintain a constant and healthy relationship with them. And this is done using a live video chat where agents communicate with their customers through video.

However, there are a lot of aspects to look into before a business incorporates with a live video chat. And one of those is the customization properties. Every business wants the elements in their website to look coordinated and of the same colour and size. Hence, it is extremely important to be able to customize a live video chat based on the website’s colour palette and requirements. Here are few customization properties of 1Click’s live video chat solution.


1Click’s live video chat provides a two level possibility for customization. While the agent can change the name and photo in a profile, the admin can customize the colour and size of the widget based on the website’s requirements. This ensures the video chat widget is based on the website’s palette. For example, if the website uses a blue and off-white palette and the widget is of red colour, the customer is not going to be happy seeing so many colours in the website. With 1Click’s live video chat, businesses can change the red colour of the widget to either blue or off white making it look coordinated with the rest of the website. In other words, the business can personalize the video chat widget and make it their own little widget.



Sometimes the customer maybe hesitant to talk to an agent through video. This could be for various reasons, to mention a few, shyness, security reasons and total hesitation to talk to an unknown stranger trough video. Have no fear because in such situations, 1Click’s live chat software also provides for text chatting. And the specialty of 1Click’s text chat is that it enables communication between agents and customers using emoticons and attachment. Using emoticons may seem a bit cheesy and informal, but that is exactly the strategic point made. When a communication thread becomes informal, people involved in that thread tend to become more comfortable in the conversation and become more relaxed to convey their thoughts and suggestions. Hence, 1Click has converted a cheesy and childish trait into one of its winning quality.



You wouldn’t want to show your office’s commotion to every customer your agent speaks to would you? Ever wondered how to cover the background chaos while communicating with your customers? 1Click provides you with a solution for that. Spend a few extra dollars, and ensure you have your company’s standy that can be placed behind an agent while s/he is talking to their customer. This photo shows an example of a standy. Here the agent was on call with his customer and the 1Click’s standy placed behind the agent helps hide the commotion occurring behind the agent. And trust me, there was a lot of commotion going on.


Your company could sell several kinds of products. And it is not necessary that all of your agents should be experts in every department. It becomes a lot easier for both the agent as well as the customer if there are departments based on the different products. And segregating agents based on those departments and based on the agent’s expertise will help agents solve customer’s problems faster and better. 1Click’s live video chat enables businesses to create departments and segregate agents based on those departments. For example, Samsung can create several departments like Mobile, Television, Washing machine and so on and segregate agents based on their expertise. At times they could even rotate these agents hence enabling them to be experts in all fields but by taking their time. Also, in case of agents being in multiple departments, they can choose which department they want to be a part of, i.e, they can decide which customers they want to communicate with.

Apart from these customization properties, 1Click also enables other customizing properties like the status selection which you and I always do using the instant messaging tool. An agent can choose from a range of status options, like Active, Invisible, Away and Offline. Don’t worry the customer is not going to get dissatisfied. The call will get redirected to another free and available agent. So go ahead and grab the amazingly customizable 1Click live video chat to make sure you maintain a healthy relationship with your customers and incorporate a video chat based on the website’s requirements.