Dilbert Funny Customer Support

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary,” – Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart

Well clearly not just a good sense of humour is required to become a successful entrepreneur. Atleast not for Sam Walton. He believed the customer was King and it should be the ultimate aim for any business to satisfy this King, the customer. Be it customer relationship management software or live chat software, for example live text chat, live video chat and so on, they all serve one purpose. And that is, to ensure satisfied customers. Hence, there is a great deal of pressure and competition on each and every software to outdo the other, to survive in the industry.

1Click’s live chat app is a new entry into the industry. Though it has been only few years since its inception, it caters and satisfies a large chunk of business’ for one simple reason – its features. It is the features of a live chat that differentiates it from the others. And in the past few days, I have been discussing the various features of 1Click’s live video chat that differentiates it from other live chat software for websites. Almost all of these features point to a main feature, i.e, 1Click’s live video chat is a context based live video chat.

Context Based Live Video Chat

A context based live video chat is a live chat where the communication between agents and customers is based on certain criterias, like the chat history, browse history, web page the customer is at during the time of the call and so on. This context based live video chat enables customers to reach the right agent and also helps agents to provide quicker solutions to customers. A live video chat is used by customers to get quick answers to their queries and doubts. And a context based live video chat helps agents do exactly that.

1Click’s context based live video chat implies the web page on which the customer is browsing at the time of the call. For example, if the customer is browsing through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for a long time, the live video chat agent will be chosen based on that. 1Click’s live video chat enables agents to create several departments and the agents can be separated based on these departments. Hence, based on the page the customer is visiting, the agent too can be chosen from the several departments, hence, enabling quick answers. For example, in a previous article on failed EA support text chat, the chat began with the customer reaching the wrong agent, who later transfered the call to the right agent. This can be avoided if the agents are divided into separate departments and hence, the customer reaching the right place at the right time. Hence the customer is connected to the expert from every department.

Dilbert Video Chat Customer Support

Another feature that helps improve the capability of 1Click’s live video chat is the screen share option. The web page can be shared by the customer or the agent to the other person concerned, hence, helping in better understanding of the problem. In a previous article I wrote about the routing properties of 1Click’s live video chat. In that article I wrote about the feature of 1Click’s live video chat which enables customers to contact the same agent a second time. This removes any difficulties of repeating your issue to several agents several times. Another advantage of the routing property is that based on the customer’s previous visits, a call can be triggered accordingly. This is also another aspect of context based live video chat. This also helps agents connect better with the customer. If the agent knows the customer’s past visits, its most frequently visited pages and related items, the agent can create a better relationship with the customer. Hence, a context based live video chat definitely helps in improving customer support, which 1Click offers to its customers.