Technology is rapidly evolving, and businesses across the online world are embracing technologies that influence the customer’s purchase and loyalty decisions. These tools are designed to enhance the customer’s experience and provide the organisation with the option to do more for the customer. Co-browsing software’s are one of these tools and findings from this research show that co-browsing users enjoy superior results across key metrics, such as driving incremental revenue through referrals made by loyal customers, and improvements in annual company revenue.

But first, let’s help you get a better understanding of co-browsing and see what it really is:

“Co-browsing” refers to the ability to have a service provider and customer jointly navigate an application (e.g., web page, digital document, or mobile application) on a real-time basis through the web. Both the customer and the agent can access the content through numerous modalities, including desktops, tablets, and smart phones.

 In addition to a joint view of the same applications, the parties involved in the co-browsing session can also interact with one another through numerous communication mediums such as voice and video through functionalities such as “click-to-call” or “click-to-view.” While screen share is often a part of the capabilities related to co-browsing, it only allows one party to command control of the application whereas co-browsing enables both parties (customer service representative and client) to command control.

Live chat applications integrated with co-browsing, transforms customer service online into a multi-dimensional service. Customers can form fill, purchase and be guided through services/products online with the help of co-browsing.

1. Form filling using co-browsing:

Form filling using co-browsing

As you can notice the 2 cursors filling up information for the form, one belongs to the agent and another to the customer. Both the cursors have full control of the page, and can navigate to any co-browsing enabled page. There is a wide application for this use-case when it comes to legal documents, tax filling and insurance companies online.

Even the e-commerce companies that like to assist customers through the purchasing phase can go ahead and use this feature.


2. Enhancing the online experience:

Here’s another example of a co browsing application :

Enhancing the experience online of customers as they shop through or browse a website. In addition to the co-browsing you can also notice the video, voice and text chat that is taking place during the call. As you can notice from the picture. The customer representative can also choose the size of the t-shirt for the customer. This adds the extra value to online shopping and bridges the gap between an online shopping experience and that at brick and mortar stores.

The agents can guide a customer through a product selection during the conversation and make a sales pitch to a customer, and boost the overall revenue online. With co-browsing comes the ability to guide your customer through products, allowing him/her to choose products of their choice. There-in lies the chance to cross sell and up-sell products during a conversation.


3. Annotation during co-browsing:


With a co browsing tool you could also annotate and explain your way through your products! Annotation tools work two ways and customers can also annotate during the co-browsing session. As you can see above, the customer representative has used the annotation tool to select parts of the washing machine and described it.

Today’s customer / company relations are driven by new technologies online.  It is one medium that provides businesses with numerous opportunities such as an incremental revenue through customer referrals and better agent utilization if they adapt appropriately, and threats such as erosion in customer base and revenue if they fail to adapt. This “new medium” is the rapid pace of innovation in technology tools and channels that provides customers with a wealth of information needed to influence their purchase and loyalty decisions. Similarly, the same set of technology tools and channels expand the toolbox of today’s customer service executives, providing them with strategic capabilities that are instrumental in delighting the empowered customers.

1CLICK is a Live Customer Engagement Software that allows you to video, voice and text chat with customer on your website, along with using collaboration tools such as co-browsing to give customers the best service experience online.

Have you tried using a co-browsing tool for your website before? What application of co-browsing software’s interests you the most?