“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the Chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else” – Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart

The sooner companies realize this, the sooner they will work towards satisfying their one and only boss, the customer.

Electronic commerce (or most commonly known as E-Commerce) services have been rapidly increasing day by day. And with the increase of these services, the level of e-commerce customer loyalty has decreased rapidly. These services believe that low prices, selection and convenience have overcome the need and importance of customer loyalty. But it is a proven fact that, nothing can replace face-to-face communication. And with the rising growth of e-commerce services with no human interaction, the responsibility to add that tinge of human touch lies on technology. After all the success of customer loyalty lies in customer experience. Here are 3 ways in which business can improve e-commerce customer loyalty by bringing back that human touch.


No 50% sale or door-to-door delivery can replace the smiling face greeting you with a friendly “Hello, May I help you?”. And when technology can provide you with this service why would you avoid it. Apart from saving time and money, video calling systems provides that human touch that is otherwise absent in e-commerce services. Like Sam Walton said, there is only one boss and as long as the boss is satisfied, businesses thrive.

1Click provides you with that extra human touch with our video calling services. By integrating our live chat services to your website, businesses can talk to their customers and understand and realize their customer’s requirements and expectations from their service. This not only helps them build a better company, but also helps them create satisfied customers. With our video-calling services, businesses can not just talk to their customers but can also record these conversations to train their future rookies. Video conferencing is business’ solution to shady, fraudulent writings on websites describing your strengths, which can be manipulated easily. Video conferencing provides that human touch which is otherwise absent from e-commerce services.

A recent study by Forbes showed that online customers prefered e-commerce retailers such as Best Buy, Macy’s, Sears and Walmart over other retailers. The reason was simple: these retailers had their brick-and-mortar retail store which gave the customers a personal touch to their products and purchasing experience. So what about those retailers that are functioning purely online. Well, that’s why such retailers should integrate with 1Click, to help them bring that human touch and yet remain within the web-world.


Amazon’s recent tiff with the Federal Aviation Administration for receiving acceptance to drone deliver their products has grabbed much attention. Their demand for an exception due to ‘enormous consumer benefits’ and quicker delivery services would definitely not overcome the security banners, due to which there has been a ban in commercial use of drones. Also, like the Forbes article, in-person communication and shopping experience still very much prevails over better door-to-door delivery facility with no connection with the retailer.

How about better practical and definitely safer methods of delivering your services to satisfy your customers? Ever heard of Customer Service Tone? No? Well, that is a language that emphasizes on casual and personal notes to your customer, which is visible only to your customers. Ever thought of giving your customer a checkout page with a message from CEO, asking if s/he liked their purchase? Or maybe a casual, jovial delivery message to your customer once their product is delivered? Well, these could be small details but it is these small and minute details that will help improve your e-commerce customer loyalty. Like I keep repeating in this article, customer satisfaction is e-commerce customer loyalty.


According to a research by Harvard Business Review, there are three myths surrounding the needs and desires of the customers

– Customers want to have relationships with the brands. The truth is, 77% don’t want to.

– Increased interaction is always the solution to all problems. The truth is, your customers would most likely suffer from excess of information in such a situation.

– Your customer is loyal to you if s/he engages with the brand repeatedly. The truth is, brand loyalty is based on shared values.

Businesses do not build their brand reputation, it is built depending on what others think about the product. Hence, businesses aim should be to take care of customers, who in turn will help build the brand reputation. After all, it takes immense hard work and dedication to attract new customers on the web-world and to retain them.

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