Every customer interaction matters. You need to make the best out of each customer interaction and achieve the goal that any customer hero would have: To Win Over The Customer. Be it through selling him a camera that exactly suits his needs or supporting him and solving his issue. Therefore, we’d like you to share and put down the best practices of a customer hero from experiences with our own customers.




1. Checking hardware functionality:


The most important step before interacting with your customers would be to check if your camera and mic are fully functional. You can do this by going over to the hero console and clicking on the test camera button. Below, are 2 snippets that are from the dashboard :





By clicking on the ‘Start Test’ button, you can check if your video and mic is fully functional.

NOTE : If you hear an echo during the test it is because the person speaking hears their own voice coming back to them. This will not occur during an interaction with a customer.


2. The Google Chrome Experience:

As an agent, we recommend using only Google Chrome as the browser to interact with your customers. This is because:

  • The Hero Console has many different functionalities such as Recording, Co-Browsing, Video, Voice Chat.
  • The best experience is on Google Chrome as it has the best bandwidth optimization compared to the other major browsers.
  • Google Chrome also has the best echo cancellation during IP calls.
  • Our user interface is best optimized for Google Chrome.


If you haven’t installed Google Chrome on your laptop or desktop yet. Click here .


3. Test Call:

To double check if you’ve pasted the code correctly on your website, we advice new customers to try a ‘Test Call’. This is to just be double sure that 1CLICK is fully functional on your website and that you can begin speaking to your customers! In a test call you will have to:

  • Request a fellow hero or colleague to go to the page that you’ve enabled 1CLICK on. (You can also perform this step by yourself)
  • Launch a call from that page and click ‘Accept’ on the Hero Console.                                                                        NOTE:  If you’re trying the test call yourself, there will be echo as your mike will be capturing the noise from your speakers and you will not be able to test co-browsing efficiently.




1. Checking the customer’s browser:

After accepting the call from the customer, your first step would be to check the customer’s device compatibility. This check needs to be done as for some browsers an automatic plugin downloads when the call is connected and hence it could take up to 1 minute extra to establish the video/voice call. Therefore, we advise the agent to begin a text chat with the customer during this period.

NOTE: Text chat is enabled immediately after you connect with the customer (click on the accept button).


Please check this table below for compatibility with browsers to understand which browsers require the automatic plugin download:


Google Chrome N
Mozilla Firefox N
Opera N
Safari Y
Internet Explorer Y

2. Greeting the customer:

Greeting a customer is a very important part of the interaction. There’s a very high chance that this could be the first video chat support the customer is involved in. So make it pleasant and personal, considering that you know his name, location, browser and calling page.


For example starting off a conversation with A “Good morning, Jeff what can I do for ya?” will help the visitor relax as he/she may be tensed about talking to a stranger, especially when they are having trouble with something and are asking for help.


Tips during customer engagement:

  • If engaged in a text chat be quick to respond, and make your answers to the point while giving the customer time to respond.
  • Be pleasant and light in your conversation, and help the person feel comfortable during the video call.
  • Take time to respond or tell them you will get back when faced with a question that you don’t have an answer to at the moment.
  • Make sure you fix your next appointment when your call lasts for a short duration.
  • Request for permission to do a 2-way video chat, as the customer’s video is turned off by default to get the best experience out of 1CLICK
  • Use co-browsing to demo products on your page or take your visitor through a product that may interest him/her.
  • Never give up on a difficult customer and never show impatience. Remember, a customer can easily sense if you’re feeling uneasy or being pushed to the edge during a video call.


3. Closing  the call:

Here’s a quick checklist of things before closing your call with the customer:

  • Validate the contact details, as some customers prefer not to give their valid email ID
  • If the sale wasn’t closed, make sure you’ve fixed the next appointment.
  • Ask for permission to do a video testimonial if you’ve delighted your customer and feel that he would like to do more for your company.

NOTE: For video testimonials, please use the ‘Record’ button to record your video conversation so that you can use it for testimonials.