Co-Browsing can be a helping hand while shopping online

When it comes to making sales, online shopping has some benefits over your traditional brick and mortar stores, but there are also certain drawbacks. While it is incredibly convenient for the customer to shop from the comfort and privacy of their own home, he or she cannot closely examine the products, i.e. try on clothes or pick up items with their hands. Another drawback with online shopping is the fact that there is no store clerk standing by, ready to offer assistance and help land the sale. This is where the co-browsing feature comes in.

It allows your customer service staff to guide visitors and make their shopping experience a quick and pleasant one. With an integrated video chat application, like the one we offer with 1CLICK, you essentially get a virtual clerk who can provide the shoppers with additional information, answer their question and give them suggestions. As you might imagine, having an employee co-browse with customers in this fashion has several major benefits.

1. The customer gets a more personal experience

There is a personal level of interaction with Co-Browsing

One of the main reasons people are reluctant to shop online is because e-commerce websites lack the human interaction and support that a normal store would provide. Co-browsing gives your store a human touch, and allows you to tailor each user’s shopping experience based on their specific needs.

2. It inspires trust and leaves a positive impression

When a person knows that they can have all of their questions about the product or checkout procedure answered straight away they will start putting more trust in your company. Good customer service is hard to find, and with so many websites offering very little in terms of enhancing customer experience, those who go the extra step and co-browse are sure to leave a strong positive impression on their customers.

3. The customer support is straightforward and highly effective

Co-browsing is really easy to use and very helpful

A service like 1CLICK allows your employees to help the customer find all the information they need, describe different functions and parts of a product using a highlight and annotation tool, and guide them through the boring process of filling out forms – a major sticking point for a lot of people. Using these useful features makes the whole interaction between employee and customer a pleasant and productive one.

4. It allows you to provide customers with additional information and unique suggestions

As any experienced sales person knows, people rarely come to the store with a detailed understanding of what they need. It often takes a few minutes to carefully explain how all the different aspects of the product work. We have already mentioned the annotation tool, which allows the employee to clearly show certain key features, but the video chat support feature enables you to focus on a specific bit of information and go into more detail. You can explain what certain features entail and how they apply to different situations, and you can also provide suggestions, e.g. similar products or other products with the specific feature a customer is interested in.

5. It helps keep customers from abandoning their shopping cart 

Co-browsing ensures improved customer satisfaction


Thing can get somewhat confusing for people once they get to the checkout part. What seemed like a fun 10 minutes of looking through the inventory and comparing different products, suddenly turns into a technical nightmare when it’s time to fill out all sorts of personal information, check shipping options and so on. No one likes paperwork, and just the mere fact that there is someone there with them, ready to help out can be enough to put customers at ease.

A smiling face explaining the most efficient way to complete an order, accompanied by a simple visual guide that takes the user through the necessary steps, is the perfect way to ensure that the customer gets what he or she wants in a timely fashion. This way there is no risk of a person getting frustrated, abandoning their shopping cart and doing business elsewhere.


Using the co-browse method combined with real-time video provides a company with a unique opportunity to drastically enhance their customer’s shopping experience, inspire loyalty and boost sales. It gives your store a sort of a virtual presence, leading customers to associate your brand with real people who care about the consumer.