live video chat to improve customer loyalty

Customer 1: How long will it take to encash the cheque to my account?

Customer 2: Can I please borrow some house loan from the bank?

Customer 3: Can I transfer money from this bank account to another account in a different bank?

For money transactions, to borrow loan, to transfer money – today we use banks for n-number of reasons. Banks have become an integral part of our lives. Often at times customers have issues with various banking facilities, which cannot be solved in real time. Now imagine if you had the facility to chat with bank employees live at the time of these problems. Wouldn’t it solve problems better and faster? This live chat service will also help bank employees reach out to their customers better, in turn improving customer service and increasing online customer support. And the end result will be a satisfied customer. Remember, in one of my articles I had written customer satisfaction is customer loyalty. Here are five advantages for banks by using live chat customer service.


The often neglected and overlooked fact remains that the rural population is any bank’s biggest customer. They require and are often denied large amounts for home loans, gold loans and other loans for important events like weddings and birth ceremonies. But mostly, this section is denied these opportunities because of the lack of a proper bank facility. In a 2013 article in Business Standard, the reporter said that Odisha’s commercial and regional rural banks were struggling to open branches in the unbanked and rural areas. Now what if these banks of Odisha and other parts of the world can connect to their customers in the rural areas without an actual branch in the area. All they would need is a laptop and an internet connection, and they can live video chat with their customers.

When I mentioned this technique to my family members, they pointed a million reasons why this wouldn’t be a success. How do you expect to provide the rural population an internet connection? Do you think the old people would know how to operate a laptop? Are these feasible options? Well, my answer to them is very simple. There will always be 101 obstacles, but I am sure every rural area includes not just old people, but the younger population as well, who are as well versed with the technology as we are. And I am pretty sure it would be a lot more feasible and economical to provide them with a laptop and internet connection rather than build an entire bank branch in that area. This video conferencing service will not just improve connectivity, it will also help bank employees reach out to their customers faster and in a much economical fashion.


I recently had a bad experience with the ATM machine. I requested for a certain amount of money which the ATM machine denied. However, it did not fail to deduct it from my account. Now, how is it possible that the amount is deducted from my account but I do not have the amount in my hand. I wish I could talk to a bank employee at that moment. Maybe I could have had the bank incorporated live video chat conferencing in their ATM centres.

Diebold, Incorporated had said in 2012 that it would transform the ATM experience by bringing video technology to the automated teller machine experience. Incorporating video conferencing to ATM centres not just increases efficiency but also adds value to to ATM transactions. This incorporation helps in three ways: it enhances customer service, expands interaction with bank services experts and advances targeted marketing efforts.


In my previous article I wrote how customer relationship management helps in connecting employees of different branches. Similarly, video conferencing in the financial sector can also help employees of the same bank but in different branches communicate with each other. Most of these government employees are bound to be transferred from one state to the other. It would be a hassle if they would have to make new bank accounts and provide all the information yet again once they shift banks. Video conferencing can be of great help for these people. Employees can contact those employees in the previous bank and find out the personal details of the customer. This would make life a lot easier for the customer as well as the bank.


Just like I have mentioned in a lot of my previous articles, video conferencing is always a better teacher for the newbies in the financial sector. The newbies learn the do’s and don’ts by looking at these videos. Bank employees can show the techniques and methods of banking to the new bank employees. This helps them learn the techniques easier and faster.


Imagine if bank employees can contact Government officials to keep track of fluctuation of exchange rates, recession rates and inflation rates. Video conferencing enables bank employees to contact these officials and as a result they can keep a steady track of the fluctuating rates in real time.

Hence, live video chat services are not just a boon to the healthcare and education sectors, it is also a plus point to the banking sector. By incorporating with 1Click’s video conferencing service, banking sectors can not just enjoy these advantages, but there are lot more of advantages of video conferencing to banks, healthcare and education sectors.

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