A live chat is used by business’ to effectively communicate with customers. With the help of a live chat software, customers can see who they are talking to and ensure they are talking to the right person. Alternatively, business’ too can increase sales using a live video chat, by improving on their customer support service, hence, creating satisfied customers.

There are several live chat software to choose from. So why should a business choose a live video chat software over the other softwares? And how do business’ decide which software to incorporate with? Well, it is the features that make one live chat software different from the others. For starters, what differentiates a live video chat, like 1Click from most other software is the ability to see who you are communicating with. Customers tend to communicate with agents better and more openly, when they can see the agent they are talking to. This increases the credibility and reliability of the conversation between the customer and the agent. Apart from the other several characteristics that differentiates 1Click’s live video chat from others, the one feature that stands out is the ability to archive conversations.


An agent communicates with several customers in a day. While one customer would be appreciating the product, another customer would be conveying a suggestion to the agent. Another customer would be complaining about a product feature that has to be solved immediately. These suggestions, complaints and appreciations can also come handy when the company is building a new product. Now, to expect the agent to remember every conversation s.he has had with the customer is asking too much from the agent. The agent could have a pen and paper next to him where s/he can jot down every suggestion conveyed by the customer. However, would the agent have is 100% concentration on the conversation, if he was busy taking down notes from the conversation? We, at 1Click, do not think so. Hence, we have provided the ‘record’ feature along with the live video chat to provide personal attention to the customer.



The ‘record’ feature allows agents to archive every conversation s/he has with their customer. This enables a constant archive of every communication between the agent and the customer. These archived conversations can later be reviewed to identify all the common suggestions and complaints from customers. This helps the company in understanding and remembering every valuable suggestion given by the customer at any point of time. These archived conversations will also be useful to improve on agent performance and live support. This means that through these recorded communications, the company can access the performance of agents which will be helpful during pay rise and promotion decisions. Some customers would be hesitant to have a video chat with a complete stranger. In such a situation, 1Click also enables text chat. These text chats can also be archived and viewed later on using the chat history.

Another feature of 1Click’s live video chat is the ability of agent to view past visits, past chats, time on site, visitor path, the pages surfed, location, OS, IP address and browser used to view the website. This helps the agent in providing better solutions to the customer. By having a background check, the agent is aware of the customer’s interests and possible doubts, hence providing quicker solutions to the customers. 1Click’s live video chat also enables agents to identify frequent customers using the IP address. This helps in creating a healthy relationship between the customer and the company. On the other hand, the live video chat also enables agents to ban unwanted and unwelcome customers by banning the IP address. This helps in avoiding any untoward attention from any customer thus hindering the relationship between agents and customers.


The archive feature of 1Click’s live video chat is a unique feature not available in many live chat softwares. The ability to record and archive agent-customer conversations to review later on is definitely an add-on characteristic of 1Click’s live video chat software. It does not just help in improving customer support but it also helps in increasing the satisfaction of customers. And after all, the aim of every business should be to satisfy customers, as a customer is the King.