Nowadays, everybody’s talking about live customer service. And rightly so, because it has forever changed the way we shop online.We all know that it has plenty of uses in today’s inter-connected world. It has made shopping online a much more enjoyable experience. Before live customer support was introduced by online retailers on their websites, shopping online was considered to be a dull and boring chore.

The problem was that customers did not have enough information on the product they wanted to buy. Customer service made people more comfortable while shopping online as it helped them get information on the products they wanted to buy, make better choices and mostly importantly, it gave off a whole face to face, personal feel. It was almost as if there was a store assistant right next to you helping you with with every step of your shopping.

Live customer assistance can be provided using different tools. When it first started, customer support was given through phone calls. Gradually it evolved to live text chat that we see on some websites these days. However, that is not the best form of customer support available today. Customer support software has developed quite a bit. At present, the most common form of live chat support is through video chatting and co-browsing.

Live Video Customer Support

In this article, I shall explain the different applications of live customer service software in e-commerce websites:

1. Making information available, instantly.

Before online retailers started using customer chat support, customers who used to do their shopping online often found themselves confused. They wouldn’t know which product would be the best for them. This meant that they would end up with some product or service that they didn’t really need.

Live customer service offers customers all the information they need about that product, in the blink of an eye. This helps customers buy products and services that are more relevant to their needs.

2. Helping customers with payment.

Online payment can be a very confusing as well as an anxiety inducing process for many customers. People are always vary about giving away their personal details online. This leads to many customers abandoning their online shopping baskets in favor of malls and other stores.

Live customer assistance helps people go through with the process of online payments. They do this by explaining to the customers how each step is done and where each cost is added.  This helps customers complete their shopping process and reduces the number of abandoned shopping carts by a significant number.

Live Customer Assistance Has Drastically Reduced Shopping Cart Abandonment


3. Up selling and cross selling a product.

Live customer support service can be extremely useful for online retails just as it can be for customers. With the help of agents, retailers can  help direct customers towards better products that are available. This is known as “up selling“.  Also, agents can help customers choose  accessories to go along with the products they have already bought. This is called “cross selling“.

This creates a win-win situation for both the customer and the online retailer. The retailer has managed to get more profit, while the customer ends up with a better product.

Live Customer Support has helped taking online shopping forward.


4. Increase sales.

As shown above, live customer service has been known to increase sales. People are more willing to buy products when there is another person right there to help them. Studies have shown that there is a 23% increase in sales when websites tend to use online customer support. Online stores improve their credibility when they use live support agents. When customers see the agents giving them information on a specific product or service, they tend to become more willing to buy that certain product.

5. Boost customer satisfaction numbers.

Live customer assistance has greatly improved the customer satisfaction levels of online retail websites. Since people are seeing better results and getting the products they want, they’re much more happier with these online retail websites. It has helped e-commerce websites retain their original customers while at the same time bring in new ones.

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