The aim of any online business is to attract customers, provide a very positive experience for them and inspire loyalty. This ensures that a customer will keep coming back, as well as telling other people about your business. However, in order to ensure that everyone who visits your website gets what they need, so that you can keep landing more sales, some effort needs to be put into creating effective live video chat support. With modern services like 1CLICK, which offers effective co-browsing software along with voice and video chat assistance functions, it is easier than ever to reach out to customers and help take care of their needs, but there are certain things that one has to look out for.

Once you start dealing with people face-to-face you’ll quickly realize that you need to carefully tailor your approach based on the customer’s personality. In order to keep things a bit more simple, we can group people into several generalized categories of online shoppers, and your customer service staff will have to approach each one of them differently in order to ensure the best results.


1. The Impulsive Shopper

An impulsive shopper buys many things he/she might not even need!

This is someone who doesn’t do much planning or research before shopping, and will often make a sudden decision to buy something. The impulsive shopper often doesn’t really need some of the products he or she buys, but they are looking for the thrill of shopping and the slight euphoria they get when buying something new. With this type of shopper it is best to adopt a very enthusiastic attitude when engaging them through live video chat software. It’s also a good idea to offer suggestions, and point them toward similar items, as impulsive shoppers often likes to go on quick shopping sprees and buy a wide variety of different things.


2. The Scholar

Some people are the complete opposite of the impulsive shopper – they are methodical, careful, patient and well-informed. These scholars have some technical knowledge and may even know quite a lot about a certain niche, and they expect you to have a deeper understanding of the items you offer. It’s best to be a bit more formal when providing live video chat support for such people, and you can highlight different aspects of the product to get them interested. The more details you cover, and the more you show that you know what you are talking about, the more interested this type of customer will become. With the Scholar, it’s all about the details.


3. The People Person

A people person loves to engage in conversation.

This type of shopper can be both an informed shopper and a casual shopper who isn’t looking at anything particular, but his or her defining characteristic is that they like to chat. The people person will gladly engage in two way video chat with the agent, but apart from inquiring about the products or shipping rates this person will also tend to ramble on about their daily life and various problems. The agent should adopt a more informal demeanour, and give real-life examples. These customers will look for a story behind the products, and are likely in the market for additional items, so a friendly chat may give the agent a perfect opportunity to recommended additional purchases or ask for permission to record a video testimonial. The people person can be turned into a loyal customer, and will usually gladly recommend your business to others.


4. The Discount Hunter

Not everyone shops when they need something or when the mood strikes them – there are those who sit patiently and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. The discount hunter will be on the lookout for any great deals, and will rarely buy anything that is not at least 20-30% off. The bad news is that such people tend to be hagglers and do a lot of browsing and little buying, but the good news is that they simply cannot pass up a good deal. If a customer starts asking about discounts and cheaper alternatives, make sure to give them plenty of information, and you can even point them to items that are a bit outside their price range as long as their price has been reduced from a much higher one. You can use the live video chat software to engage the customer and point out all the things that the customer will be getting for the price and inform him or her about any upcoming sales.


5. The Rusher

There are people out there who can’t seem to sit down and relax for more than five minutes at a time – they are in a perpetual rush, and they like to get things done as quickly as possible. The rusher often has a plan, but sometimes he or she won’t know exactly what they want, but they will expect fast results. You should strive to be concise when communicating with such a person. As they may be impatient, you have a chance to effectively utilize video chat in customer service purposes and speed up the process. This will allow them to be in and out in record time, and they will happily come back to your website because there aren’t a lot of businesses that offer such a high level of efficiency when it comes to customer service, and the customers know this.


6. The Overthinker

When it comes to the amount of effort that goes into effective customer service, the overthinker is the clear winner. Shoppers like this will take up a lot of your time and will want to know all kinds of tiny details, but none of it is really going to help them make a decision any faster. It pays to be creative when dealing with over thinkers, as they are not all window shoppers – some of them are actually looking to spend a lot of money, and are a bit reluctant because they don’t want to make a mistake and buy something that they aren’t completely satisfied with.  For example, if they are asking the agent to show them more colour options and they can’t decide between red and blue, the live video chat support professional could tell the customer about the symbolic meaning attached to both colours, or suggest the most popular colours for that particular item.


While all people are different, and some may even surprise you with their inquiries, an overwhelming majority will fall into one of these six categories. Some people may fit both the people person and the scholar type to some extent, or number of different combinations, so an agent needs to think outside the box and do his or her best to assess the character of the customer when co-browsing and using live video chat assistance.