Germany VS Argentina

Germany and Argentina have faced each other twice before in the World Cup finals. Argentina grabbed the Cup in 1986 with a 3-2 win, while in 1990, Germany gained victory with a 1-0 win. Who will win the finals in their third World Cup final face-off on Sunday?

Well, we at 1Click have our individual favourites. While Silus, Ravindra, Nishant and myself support the European boys, Kamesh and Asha have their bet on Lionel Messi’s Argentina. As for Rishi, he is yet to accept Brazil’s embarrassing defeat against finalist Germany.



Germany’s performance has definitely improved since Joachim Loew landed as coach. The team’s defense is undoubtedly one of their best bet, with Mats Hummels being a steady anchor in central defense. And Loew’s decision to shift captain Philipp Lahm from midfield to his favourite position, defense, has only made matters a lot more clear and better. Argentina, on the other hand, have been facing difficulties with their defense for a while now and the team has gone nearly 330 minutes in the knockout rounds without any goal.

Another of Germany’s safe bet is their tall and broad goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer, who has been the star of the team for a while now. His extremely impressive show during the semi-finals against Brazil, and during their opening match against Portugal (4-0), has definitely created a mark for himself in the tournament. His repeated help in the defense during the match against Algeria has only raised the bar he created for himself. Though Sergio Romero has been impressive by stopping two goals against Netherlands, leading his team to the finals, his biggest challenge will be the team spirit of the Europeans on Sunday.


The South Americans definitely have the advantage of playing in their home continent. They are aware of the climatic conditions, the ground conditions and the overwhelming crowd, who are sure to outnumber the white jerseys. And, definitely history says Argentina will walk out of the Maracana Stadium victoriously. Sunday’s match is the sixth time a European team is facing a South American team in the finals of a Latin American World Cup. And all the five finals were won by the team from the western banks of the Atlantic Ocean. And no one can deny the fact that Lionel Messi is still the key for the success of the Argentinian team. Despite Germany’s Miroslav Klose being termed the highest scoring player in the World Cup history, nothing is going to beat the talent, experience and power of Lionel Messi. However, with Germany’s strong and defensive team fighting against him, Messi will have to score quite a few goals to give his team any chance of winning the sixth final in a row.

When Lionel Messi’s Argentina faces Germany’s hefty teamwork on Sunday, it will definitely look like a brilliant individual talent versus the ultimate team machine. However, only time will tell us if Germany will break the record of a South American team walking out with the Golden Cup.

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