With the rise in technology, the dependency on the browser has increased drastically. Today, the browser is used for information on anything and everything. The browser is the new window shopping, it is a news channel, a bank expert and also the new conference room. And as a result of social media and rise in browsers, businesses had lost the personal touch which was otherwise given to customers.

Today, businesses provide their customers with this personal touch using live chat software. There are three categories of live chat softwares, namely text, audio and video chat software and there are several softwares under each category. In this article, we will look at a comparison between three of the best live chat softwares in the industry, 1CLICK VS Zopim VS Olark, based on various characteristics.



According to a report, people still prefer brick-and-mortar retail stores to shopping online. And the reason is pretty simple. In a brick-and-mortar retail store, customers have an agent available for them to clarify all doubts and questions. Any live chat software provides browsers with this solution. But the communication process becomes a lot more reliable and trustworthy when the customer can see the agent they are talking to. And this is possible only with a live video chat software. Out of the three options, i.e, 1CLICK, Zopim and Olark, the only live video chat software is 1CLICK. 1CLICK’s live video chat software provides face-to-face communication between the agent and the customer.

Zopim and Olark on the other hand, only enables text chat. The purpose of a live chat, i.e, to communicate with the customer, is fulfilled, but today customers want more than just talking through an instant messaging software. They want to see the person they are talking to, They want to make sure they are talking to the right person. And this is fulfilled only using a live video chat.


1CLICK gives you the chance to try it’s co-browsing feature along with the live video chat for free! The free plan, gives you 500mins of calling time along with  500MB of data recording. All you need to do is sign-up here and you will avail the free service!

The chat and co-browsing tool can be set-up on your website in less than 10mins. All you need to do is copy the live chat and co-browsing code to the HTML source pages of your website (or any page that you would like to enable 1CLICK on) and hit the refresh button!

1CLICK’s co-browsing also gives you the chance to fill up long forms along with your customer and annotate during the co-browsing session to describe your products and features.




An agent would be communicating with n-number of customers in a day. To want the agent to remember every conversation with every customer is asking too much from the agent. The solution to this is a record button that will help archive all conversations. Out of the three options, this button is offered only by one of the live chat assistance softwares, i.e, 1CLICK. 1CLICK enables archiving conversations using the ‘Record’ button. This helps in playing back the conversation later on. This is extremely helpful when the company is building a new product and would want to know the expectations and priorities of the customers. The recorded conversations are also helpful for analytics and for discovering precious insights. These archived conversations also come handy during promotion and pay rise periods, to assess the performance of agents.


Zopim and Olark, however, do not provide for this option. There is no ‘Record’ option in these live chat softwares. This could probably be because they initiate text chat and not video chat. Hence, a record button wouldn’t be as helpful as it is on a live video chat software, such as 1CLICK.




1CLICK’s video chat support gives you HD quality video conversations at a net speed of  just 720kbps. The video quality was designed to work on low bandwidth’s so that agents can engage with all customers that have both a high and low speed of internet.

Get the best video chat quality with 1CLICK

1CLICK uses Opus Interactive Codec to ensure that your Audio calls are of the highest quality. Hence, we have established the use of the most efficient Audio Codec in the VoIP industry. Text chat is also one of the features on 1CLICK and all the conversations that occur between your customers and you can be checked on the ‘History’ button that of the agent dashboard.



At many times the customer isn’t able to understand the information conveyed by the agent. Sometimes the agent has to ask the customer to go to a particular page, which the customer is not able to identify. In such a scenario, if the agent can share his/her screen, things become a lot easier for the customer. This feature of ‘screen sharing’ is one of the most recent and unique feature of 1CLICK’s live chat solution. With this feature, agents can share their screen depicting a website or a solution, making it much easier for the customer to understand what the agent is trying to convey.

This feature of screen sharing, however, is not available on Zopim or Olark. They do not enable sharing of screens and the only way in which the agent can convey information to the customer is through text.

Do you use a live chat support software for your website? What are the features that you love to see when using a customer assistance software?