1Click’s live video chat software

For every business, the customer is the King. And it is of utmost importance that the business listen to their customer’s demands and work towards achieving them and satisfying the customers. To maintain satisfied customers, business’ have to maintain a good and healthy relationship with their customers. Businesses do this with the help of a live chat solution on website. This live chat software can either be a live text chat software or a live video chat software. And 1Click’s live video chat software has been a huge success in the web portal.

However, there aren’t many live video chat software that business’ can choose from. 1Click is bound to change that with the webRTC application which is now available in the App Store. The webRTC application, known as 1ClickRTC, provides features to developers through which they can create live chat app for mobile customers. This helps in the creation of more live video chat software and also gives mobile customers an opportunity to experience the joy of face-to-face communication in real time. 1ClickRTC webRTC application also provides more options for customers by providing customers with both voice as well as video option. Hence, by providing more options to the customer, business’ improve on their customer support and customer service, thus, satisfying customers better.

When it comes to the eco-system, 1Click’s webRTC application is supported only by 32bit eco-system. However, do not worry about the processing features available with the 32bit eco-system. The 32bit eco-system is capable of emphasizing all the processing properties on the new versions of iPad. 1Click is, however, still working on the 64bit eco-system. The iOS application supports all versions of Apple models, from the older versions of iPad2 to the latest versions. The API of the application can support the lower versions of a A5 chip as well as the A6 and A7 chips. However, there is no compensation of video quality and resolution with the lower versions.

The pricing denotes the number of peer-to-peer communication possible by the live video chat software. For example, with the basic plan of $15/month, the software can provide 4 concurrent calls. On the other hand with the silver plan of $25/month, the developer provides a live chat software that provides 8 concurrent calls. However, a maximum of 14-15 concurrent calls is possible, which can be selected using the enterprise plan. Similarly, just like in the web portal, 1Click’s webRTC application provides live video chat software that use the minimum bandwidth for the calls. This can range from 512kbps to 1Mbps. This can further be increased in the UI while developing the software. Another advantage of using this webRTC application is that it can configure conferences using various bandwidths.

A unique feature that soon will be a part of the webRTC application is the push to talk. This will be given as a separate application and will enable customers to switch between the front and back camera as and when they wished to do so. The merged file will be a merged file of both the front and back camera. This merged file will be saved in the data cloud and can be shared with employees or friends on the social media. This is soon to be a brand new webRTC application by 1Click. So don’t forget to try out the webRTC application, 1ClickRTC, today to know the video experience in real time.