1Click VS Live Chat Software

In a previous article, I compared 1Click’s live chat software with Zopim and Olark live chat software. In that article, I had explained three specific differences between the three softwares that made 1Click unique from the other two. While Zopim and Olark are live text chat software, 1Click is a live chat plugin. 1Click enables customers to see the agent they are talking to, hence, improving the credibility and reliability of the conversation. The other two major differences between the two was that 1Click enables screen sharing and archiving conversations using the ‘record’ button.

However, when we compare 1Click’s live video chat and LiveChat software, though a lot of the differences are the same, there are few differences that make 1Click a better live chat software, even when compared to LiveChat live chat software. Here are few of the differences between 1Click’s live video chat and LiveChat live chat software


Once a business decides to incorporate with a live chat software, the first and most important step is the installation process. With the growth in technology, there are several live chat softwares to choose from. Hence, choosing a good live chat software for your business is itself a tough task completed. If the business IT agent has to look into complicated installation codes and lengthy download processes to incorporate with the live chat, things become more difficult.

1Click has realized this difficulty, which is why it has developed a plug-in free live video chat, which can be easily incorporated with any business. The business need not get involved with any installations or download processes to incorporate with 1Click’s live video chat. 1Click’s live video chat stays true to its name that it is completely ubiquitous. It works perfectly fine on all HTML5 compliant browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and also works on Android and iOS. So now the IT agent in any business need not worry about long download process, complicated installation codes or read through lists of instructions. Any business can incorporate with 1Click’s live video chat with just one click.

On the other hand, unfortunately, LiveChat has a long download process before the business can incorporate with the live chat software. Unlike 1Click’s live video chat, businesses need to go through lengthy download process and installation details before they can add it as a part of their system. This is a total turn off for businesses and complicates matters for them a lot more. To go through the installation process for LiveChat live chat software, go through these steps. On the other hand, if you want a simple live chat software that can be incorporated without any download or installation process, use 1Click’s live video chat.


Like I mentioned in my previous article, one major advantage of 1Click’s live video chat over almost all other live chat software is the ability to see the person on the other side. In a recent Forbes article, it was seen that customers still prefer brick-and-mortar retail stores over e-commerce websites. The reason is pretty simple. The brick-and-mortar retail stores provide customers with a personal touch with that smiling face who helps you during your purchase. Businesses can offer their customers that personal touch with the help of a smiling face through 1Click’s live video chat. LiveChat, on the other hand, is a live text chat where customers converse with agents over instant messaging software. This reduces the reliability of the conversation as the customer is not sure if s/he is talking to the right person. However, with the video chat software, the customer can be sure s/he is talking to the right person and receive the personal touch which is otherwise absent on LiveChat, Zopim and Olark live chat softwares.


Archive And Share During Conversations

It is the features that make one live chat software different from the others. Another major feature that differentiates 1Click’s live video chat from LiveChat live chat software is the ability to record conversations using 1Click. Recording conversations helps in later evaluations and for future references. If the business decides to build a new product, all the previous conversations with customers can be used to identify the expectations and demands of customers. This helps the business in developing a product that will satisfy customers. Many at times the agent is trying to explain something to the customer, but the customer fails to understand. In such a situation, to share the screen of the agent to make the customer understand the concept better is a good idea. This is possible only through 1Click’s live video chat. With 1Click’s live video chat, the agent can share his/her screen to the customer, hence, making the customer understand the solution better.

If businesses want a live chat that will help businesses perform their duties better and satisfy customers better, 1Click’s live video chat is a much better option when compared to LiveChat, Zopim or Olark.