At 1CLICK, we realised that the most important factor for our start-up with a new product for the market was to listen to customer feedback and address pain points. After all, start-ups are based on the principle of taking fast and effective decisions.

This is essential for any business that is looking at quick growth and opening opportunities in the market. Being a customer interaction software, we have learnt a lot from our own product by interacting with our customers through it. We learnt about the short comings and use-cases more while interacting with customers across the globe.

More than anything, we focused on where our customers were using us and for what purpose. During our drive for building a seamless and fast connection between a customer and business, we paid attention to all the minute details.

Every customer’s feedback was discussed and taken into consideration, and when we came across customers that had a lot to say about or product, we listened closely to how they could relate their experience in the market with our use-cases. Many of our features were built around their feedback and suggestions.We’re in our elements a customer service software company, and we do our best provide the best customer service at 1CLICK to raise the standards of our product and to understand the industry more.

So, over the course of 2 months (starting January) we began developing our product based on what we were hearing from our customers and decided that we needed to start from scratch. Which meant, building a new dashboard.

Here’s a look at what our old dashboard looked like:

1CLICK Live Chat New Dash Board


Customers felt that this dashboard was not appealing enough (you can see why we agreed with them). They felt that there were many basic functionalities missing from this dashboard and that they could make good use of. I’ve listed a few problems that customers complained of while using this dashboard:

  1. They could not view other tabs and pick up a call i.e they felt constrained by the fact that they had to stay on the ‘Call Page’ in order to pick up a call from the customer.
  2. Although the analytics was there to give them the numbers, the visuals weren’t good enough as it took time for them to read the data and compile their findings from it.
  3. There was no facility for them to target a customer on their website, which means that they had to wait for calls and they didn’t have the facility to be pro-active and reach out to the customer.

So those were just a few of the many issues customer began facing while using our older dashboard. Which is when we decided to build this:


Live Video Call Page


Customer Hero Console


This dashboard addressed every issue that the customer was facing and we even improved the visuals on the dashboard, making it simple, but still elegant in its appearance. If you take a closer look you’ll notice our newest co-browsing feature.What we also did, was chalk out all the features that were on our roadmap and built the dashboard to accommodate those features in the future. Apart from that we took a sneak-peak at our competitors, to understand what they had done, and how they had gone about addressing issues that our customer were facing. So we put together all our ideas, into the dashboard. Which is now also called as ‘The Customer Hero Console’.

This whole process took us time, but it was very important for us to retain our customers by showing them that they are valued, and that we’re willing to go the extra mile in solving their problems.

So now, the dashboard looks a whole lot better, don’t you think? And we’ve got our creative juices flowing, so what next?

We decided to use this momentum and energy, and build a whole new website. One that had enough information for a customer so that he could easily view our features and product functionalities. And obviously, when it came to SEO we optimised it as well as we could to ace the search results. Our new website would speak more about us as a company the live chat software that we’re doing our best to improve, so that the customer could know what we like doing for them and understand what we’re trying to achieve at 1CLICK.

So here’s what our old website looked like: (still available for viewing)


1CLICK – Old Website


1Click – New Website


And here’s a linked image to our new site, we’d really like it if you could go take a look. Maybe even tell us what you like and don’t?

So apart from the dashboard and website we also worked on our customer experience and made sure that it was 100% mobile friendly. Here’s a picture of how we now optimise on the mobile:


Mobile Optimized Live Chat Support Window


Well, I’d like to end this post by telling you that we’re finding it easier to grow as a business by doing just one thing: Listening very closely to customers. So I’d like to advise all the start-ups and growth phase companies to do the exactly same and just pay close attention to what your customers are telling you!

This is our latest update that was released on the 16th of March, 2015. We look forward to doing more for our customers and bringing out features that they want to see.

Have you made any changes to your business based on what customers had suggested? Feel free to share your experience below.