A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million! Sometimes verbalizing a certain issue at hand is not possible. That’s when a video call comes to the rescue. Sharing ideas, helping customers, hiring, training and so on can be simplified with a video call. We have come up with some business scenarios where video calling can be efficiently used.


For e-commerce companies, cart abandonment at the time of purchase is one of the main causes of revenue loss. An expert sales representative can provide assistance to customers who are tottering on buying a particular product. This will facilitate in closing deals faster and of course having a happy customer!


Hiring is a highly collaborative exercise with a series of steps, from defining the position in tandem with the hiring manager, matching the resume to identify the right candidate, scheduling the interview, sharing the outcome of the interview with key stakeholders and finally arriving at a decision of whether to hire or not. Conducting an interview through a video call, makes the process more effective. A face-to-face interview can be scheduled with the candidate from the comfort of your office. The interview can be recorded with the candidate’s consent and shared with the company’s decision makers. You can save time, cost and travel, and yet have the best candidate on the job!


The patient and his family can communicate with an expert doctor over a video call. The patient can “show” the physical symptoms to the doctor or share the medical reports with the doctor through screen/document sharing. The doctor can record the consultation session and either suggest the medicines or forward the recording to a specialist. Video calling will redefine a new class of health care for doctors and patients.

Team Meeting

In-context communication with your team is much more productive than communicating outside the workflow. Since video calling is now browser based, interactions with your team can be frequent and on the go! A particular “conference room” can be assigned to a project and all the team members can collaborate there over a video call from anywhere in the world.

Customer Support

“Customer is king” is the key phrase for every single business. Effective interaction with customers is one of the most efficient approaches in maintaining and creating a relationship with customers. Adding a video calling widget on your website allows your customers to reach out to you instantly, at the click of a button. The customer can share the issue at hand and your competent support team can address that issue in real time.


The advent of the internet has significantly changed the way we communicate with each other and share information. Internet oriented communication has permeated into our day-to-day lives so much so, that online education is now becoming the most sought after means of study. A survey shows that students studying in an online learning setup performed better than those receiving face-to-face lectures. 1Click’s Online Education solution provides you an opportunity to integrate audio/video based education in your school or college. It is as simple as providing a link to the students! The lecturer can join this call with the students from every part of the world.

There are zillion other scenarios which we thought through, we only chose to mention the six best ones out of all those. Interested in integrating 1Click into your workflow? Write to us at info@turtleyogi.com and let us know. Check out our pricing and features.