Websites for Entrepreneurs

Websites for Entrepreneurs

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do,” – Late. Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Apple

After 20 long years at a reputed software company, my uncle said his goodbyes to his colleagues last week. He is in his late 40’s, so he definitely isn’t old enough to retire. Neither is he planning to join another company. Well, what is he planning to do? He is planning to start his own business. Too late to start a start-up? Well, Reid Hoffman wouldn’t have co-founded the social networking site for professionals, Linkedin, at the age of 35 if he had the same doubts. Raymond Kroc began one of the best fast food joints, McDonalds when he was 52. And who said 60 is the ideal age for retirement? If so, we wouldn’t be eating one of the best crispy chickens from KFC, which was founded by Colonel Harland David Sanders, at the age of 65!

Letting go off your comfort zone and starting a new business is always a tough task. Apart from the ‘why would you’ and the ‘what if it doesn’t work’ from your family, what is more terrible are the questions you ask yourself. One advice- you are not alone. All those famous leaders and founders of great organizations would have asked the same questions. Or maybe even worse questions. If they could do it, why not you. Here are 10 websites that will help every budding entrepreneur build that dream company of theirs.


A must watch for all those who adore and love infographics. This website, which itself is a start-up, was started for the sole purpose of encouraging everyone, from engineers to moms, to start a business. Funders and founders have a collection of everything, from general advice on how to think like an entrepreneur to funding divisions to the history of how money was made in different eras. With a collaboration of everything in a creative and unique language, Funders and founders are confident they can help any budding entrepreneur in building their business in the best way possible.

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This website is updated frequently and offers both fact-based and opinion-based posts. The website also shows real stories of successful entrepreneurs who have overcome all obstacles to make it big. In case you don’t have time to read long posts, they also have a section called lists, where opinions are made into short points. Apart from the numerous topics under marketing, technology, social media and finance, one striking feature that the website can boast of is advice for women entrepreneurs. Who said only men can be successful entrepreneurs. All you aspiring female leaders, here is a website that caters to your needs as well.



What makes this section under Forbes different from others is that it is less advice-driven. The website gives us a list of news articles that are relevant to budding entrepreneurs. This section of Forbes, has a list of best practices to follow while hiring, to tax reforms to public relations tactics and everything that falls in between. Everyone and anyone in the business field can write on this ever-updating website.



I began this article by saying 40 was not too late an age to start a business. So who said 30 is too young to follow your entrepreneurship talents? This website is a guideline to all those young, energetic budding entrepreneurs who have realized their dream calling early in life. The website includes interesting and different sections such as health and fitness and travel which shows how travelling can help in building your company. Truly a boost to all those entrepreneurs who are busy with meetings and legal issues in the process of building their dream company.

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CobWeb helps in guiding budding entrepreneurs with facts and reports on the risks, opportunities and practical issues involving business start-ups and business owners. With constantly updated publications, CobWeb provides a practical knowledge into almost 600 small business start-ups and professions. It is definitely a must-visit website to know facts and possible issues on licensing and standards, the risks and regulations involved in start-ups and the market development and trends. The list does not end here and entrepreneurs should go through CobWeb to get more information and insight into the website.



One of my favourites, Mixergy has made giving and receiving advice fun and energetic. Mixergy involves several people having real conversations and offering advices that can really help you. The fun and casual language used in the interviews makes every conversation a treat to the ear. What more would you ask for from a website that boasts of helping budding entrepreneurs. It is the final destination for all those ambitious entrepreneurs who want to learn from several experienced mentors through interviews and courses.



For all your marketing queries, Duct Tape Marketing is the destination. This blog provides guidelines on email marketing, social media, blogging, branding and other options. One unique feature is the article section which includes some good article by authors. Other features include resources and products and workshops that help businesses improve marketing. The blog language is simple and concise and helps businesses be aware of and understand marketing issues that they wouldn’t be aware of otherwise.



Intriguing name isn’t it? Well, go through the website and the titles of every article will also intrigue you. Started by Jason Cohen, an experienced entrepreneur, started this blog not just for tech-freaks but for every entrepreneur alike. Jason’s experience and behind-the-camera knowledge in starting up 4 successful businesses helps future entrepreneurs to follow the path, and at times to be better than the King.

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Blogs are one of the ways for businesses to expand on their marketing. Today, almost everyone has a blog. The others want a blog but are too scared or ignorant about how a blog works. This is where Problogger comes into action. This encyclopedia for blogs gives every minute detail businesses need to know to promote a successful blog. From videos who are experts at blogging to articles on how to expand your networks to the tools required to get that perfect-looking blog, Problogger is sure to provide you with all the information. Started by Darren Rowse, Problogger is sure to help show businesses everything to effectively run a blog.

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Who said only men can become successful entrepreneurs? Studies show women entrepreneurs have been increasing every year. This website provides a collaboration of articles on business, entrepreneurship and happening events for women by a group of smart women. One striking feature of this website is that budding women entrepreneurs can connect with other women and can chat on various discussions.


If you are still doubtful about starting your business, go through this amazing motivational video which will help you pull up your socks and follow your dreams

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